QA Lots - How To Create QA Lots

How to Create QA Lots From Bulk Inventory

A QA Lot is a Batch (or multiple Batches) that is created from bulk harvested material to then create a QA Sample from for testing purposes.

Follow these steps to create QA Lots from harvested bulk inventory. 

Currently, users in Washington are unable to create QA Lots this way from Bulk Inventory that are over 5lbs. Instead, WA users will need to sublot in batches, and then create a QA Sample (if the QA Lot is over 5lbs).
  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > QA Lot.

Note: You can also navigate to this page from the Grow > QA Lot.
  1. Click on the “Bulk Inventory” tab at the top right.
  1. Check the box(es) next to the line items you wish to combine into QA lots and click the “Create QA Lot From Selected” button.
Note: Batches of the same inventory type and strain may be combined.
  1. On the following screen, indicate the lot size, unit of measure (grams or pounds), and the number of lots you wish to create.
Note: If you click the "max possible" button, your system will calculate the maximum number of lots that can be created given the total quantity of selected bulk inventories.
  1. Select a Product to assign the lots to once they are created.
  1. Click "Generate Lots" to generate a preview of QA lots to be created.
  1. Click "Create QA Lots" to create the QA lots.

Once the lots are created, you will be returned to the main "QA Lot" page where you may proceed with the creation and manifesting of QA Samples.

Note: QA Samples need to be created and manifested directly in Metrc, in states that use that traceability system.

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