QA Samples - How To Create QA Samples From QA Lots

How To Create QA Samples From QA Lots

A QA Sample is the mandatory/non-mandatory sample that is created from the QA Lot to be sent out for testing.

You can follow these steps to create QA Samples on the Inventory Management > QA Lots page AFTER you have created the individual QA Lots from “Bulk Inventory”.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > QA Lot.
  1. Check the box(es) next to the QA lot(s) you wish to create QA samples from and clickCreate Mandatory Sample” or “Create Non-Mandatory Sample”.
  1. Fill out the fields in the resulting pop-up window and clickCreate Mandatory Sample”.
Note: The “Quantity” entered should reflect either the number of grams of intermediate product being sent out for testing (Example: Flower - grams), or the number of units of final/end products being sent out for testing (Example: Edibles - units/each).
  1. As soon as the samples are created a beaker icon will appear to the right of the QA lot's barcode.
Note: A blue beaker icon indicates a mandatory sample and a grey beaker icon indicates a non-mandatory sample.
  1. Clicking on the beaker icon will take you to a filtered view of the Inventory Management > QA Sample page, showing only the sample whose beaker icon was clicked. 

Note: QA Samples need to be created and manifested directly in Metrc, in states that use that traceability system.

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