QA Samples - Void QA Sample

Voiding QA Samples

Use this workflow to cancel a QA Sample and return the sample’s quantity back to the parent lot.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > QA Sample tab.
  1. Locate the sample you wish to void and click the “Void” button on the right side of the screen.
    Note: if a QA sample has already been manifested you will have to delete the manifest before you can void the QA sample. See related: "How to Cancel and/or Delete Manifests for QA Samples".
  1. To void more than one sample simultaneously, check the boxes next to the samples you intend on voiding and click the "Void Selected" button.
  1. Once the QA sample has been voided, the voided sample’s weight will automatically be adjusted back into the parent QA lot.

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