CRM: Customers

POS Back Office: CRM - Customers

Cultivera offers a built-in Customer Management System (CRM). Customer information can be entered in both the Back Office and at the POS Terminal.

  1. Customers is the first page that will appear when entering the Back Office CRM module.
You can search for a customer by name, customer number, or phone number within the available filters. Simply click a customer’s name to view their information.
  1. To add a new customer in the Back Office, click "Add New Customer".
All required entry fields will be shown with an asterisk (*).
  1. Once the required fields have been input, click the "Save" button to save the new customer.
Once a customer has been created, you may click on their name to access the Customer Detail page. This will show a scanned copy of the valid State-issued ID and/or medical card (if applicable), personal information such as Phone Number, Date of Birth, Address, Email, Sales and Discount Totals, Loyalty Point Adjustments, Previous Check-Ins, Notes, and a list of their Order History.

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