Customer Search

Finding Existing Customers At A POS Terminal

Every transaction begins with the customer's information. Customers will initially need to be added via the BackOffice software as the terminal can only be used for lookup.

You can search by phone number to locate an account, or you can perform a guest transaction by validating the customer’s ID.

  1. To begin a search, click Search Customer” at the upper left of the terminal screen.
  1. This will bring you to the “Search Customer” dialog box where you can enter the Customer’s Name or Phone Number.
  1. After entering the their name or phone number the “Search” button will change color, letting you know that you need to click it to start the search.

If there is a matching Customer, their information will populate in the upper-left corner.

Select any Customer Name to bring up a list of previously purchased Products, Notes about that Customer, along with a list of any Orders placed within the last 30 days.

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