Batches - Filtering By Barcodes

Filtering Batches by Multiple Barcodes

You are able to locate and isolate packages in your inventory by using barcodes.

Once you’ve filtered for the batches you want you’ll be able to select them as a group and perform various commands (using the right-click menu) including Make Available/Unavailable, Create Cart, Adjust/Destroy Inventory, Change Room, and others.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > Batches and click the barcode icon
Note: In WA the button resembles a barcode symbol but in other states it looks like a circle with four squares, as pictured above.
  1. Use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode(s) you wish to filter by, or enter the barcodes manually and click “Enter” on your keyboard.
  1. Once you’ve filtered for the barcodes you’re looking for, you are able to select and right-click the list of items to perform various actions on the selected batches. 

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