Granting Cultivera access to report on your behalf for CCRS

Granting Cultivera Access to Report On Your Behalf for CCRS

We are unable to report to the CCRS until an administrator of your license has given Cultivera permission to do so by logging into the CCRS via your SAW account and granting Cultivera permission.
Please note, you must do this for each of the licenses you wish Cultivera to report for.

You must have a registered SAW Account linked to your store license. Any actions must be taken by that licensee’s system administrator.

Multiple incorrect login attempts will result in a temporary account freeze. Please be sure to have the correct user credentials.

To access the CCRS login, navigate to:

This will by default take you to the Secure Access Washington login page. From here, create a new SAW Account if needed, otherwise you can login with your already existing credentials. 

screenshot of CCR Welcome landing page

Instructions to create an account and get started with the CCRS have been provided by the WSLCB.

Links to the PDFs:

Once your SAW Account is created and you’re able to login to the WSLCB Reporting website, navigate to the Licensee page by selecting the Account dropdown menu and clicking Licensee.

WLCB website

From here you can manage users and integrators.

Click the “Manage Integrators” button.

WLCB Integrations options

A pre-populated list of approved integrators will be provided.

Check the box for Cultivera and click the “Update” button. This will grant access to Cultivera to now report on your behalf as an approved integrator.

WLCB Manage Integrators menu

Steps from page 15-18 in the documentation below provided by the WSLCB can also walk you through this process:

If you have any difficulty accessing your SAW account, your CCRS account, or in the initial steps of granting Cultivera access within your CCRS account - the WSLCB is best equipped to assist you in troubleshooting these state systems.

Contact the LCB IT Helpdesk directly at 360-664-1776 or for assistance.

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