Grow: Harvest (Entering Final Dry Weights) (METRC)

Harvest Workflow: Entering Final Dry Weights in Grow Module

To enter the final dry weight of a harvest, begin in Cultivera Pro.

Navigate to Grow > Harvest

  1. Select the harvest by clicking on the “Harvest Name”.
  1. Click the “+” symbol next to “Final Harvest Lots” and select intended dry harvest lot “type”.
cultivera pro harvest weight in cultivera pro
  1. Enter the Dry Weight.
At this point nothing has been recorded in Metrc.
  1. Assign Product and Room.
  2. Click “Save”.
dry flower weight options in cultivera pro
  1. Select “Confirm/Report''.
cultivera pro final harvest lot menu screenshot
  1. Assign a new Traceability Tag, Production Batch Number (optional), then select “Confirm”.
    screenshot of popup with confirm weight
At this point, the Dry Flower weight will be recorded in Metrc as an Inventory Package once a Traceability Tag is assigned and “Confirmed”.

The dry weight will be assigned a new Traceability Tag and can be found in Inventory Management > Batches.

screenshot of final harvest info in cultivera pro
The new inventory packages are the packages that QA Samples will be taken from directly in Metrc.
cultivera pro product batches module
Additionally, this package can be found in Metrc in the Active Packages tab.
screenshot of metrc menu on Packages tab

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