What Is The Cultivera Market?

What Is The Cultivera Market?

The Cultivera Market is an online marketplace your retail partners can access to order from inventory you’ve made available to them.

Cultivera Market offers a streamlined B2B order portal built to increase revenue, featuring real-time menus and product availability, testing results, automated fulfillment, and simplified sales and inventory management, all attached to your existing Cultivera Pro system.

Once you’ve approved a retailer, they can log in to see real-time product availability, any discounts you’ve set specific to their store, and their order history. Each processor’s marketplace in Cultivera Market will be separate from the others, and each cart built by a retailer will only have products from one processor.

"The Market reminds us of Amazon. It's so easy to use and we see more and more of our retail partners using it...." - Double Delicious

Although Cultivera Market greatly benefits retailers, we built this for producers and processors. Using Cultivera Market, your sales team will be able to easily communicate real-time inventory and pricing to retail partners.

Retailers will be delighted by how easy it is to work with and order from you, leading to exposure to more retail stores and increased order volume from existing partners. We've found that operations that utilize their PRO-attached Market portal see increases in orders, sometimes overnight.

Unlike other online marketplaces, Cultivera Market is connected to your actual inventory, and any approved order can seamlessly be advanced to fulfillment. This allows an efficient process that minimizes data entry and improves the reliability and speed with which you fulfill orders.

"We did $40-50k in new business overnight without promoting it (the Marketplace) whatsoever." - Sitka Hash House

How can we help?

We are happy to work directly with you to assist in setting up your online marketplace!

For this and any other support issues, please contact us at support@cultivera.com or (206) 397-0022.

Thank you!

The Cultivera Team

"Cultivera Market gives us the ability to interact with more stores, more customers, and turn orders faster.” - Constellation Cannabis

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