Grow: Selling Plants as Inventory (WA)

Selling Plants as Inventory (Washington)

Follow these steps to move active Plants from Grow > Plants to Inventory so that you can sell them to another Washington-state license.

  1. Navigate to Grow > Plants.
  2. Select all of the plants you wish to sell, then select "Move to Inventory".

You can only successfully “Move to Inventory” for Plants of the same strain. This cannot be done for multiple strains at one time.
  1. Select the Product and Room you want to assign to the Plant inventories, then select Move”.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > Batches.
  2. Highlight all of the intended plant inventories and right-click to "Create Cart" > “Transfer to External”.
  3. Select the license you'd like to send them to and Select "Transfer".

“Transfer to Internal” is utilized when transferring plants between your own licenses that are on the same Cultivera database.
  1. Navigate to the Sales > Carts > Cart Detail to "Review Order".
  2. Then Submit as a new Order, which should auto-allocate all of the Plants to each line item as needed. You can then navigate to Fulfillment > Order Detail and complete the order fulfillment process:

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