CCRS Update 1/10/23

1/10/2023 Update

12:45pm update: Your manifest generated in Cultivera has been updated to match the "contingency manifest" provided by the LCB. If you would like your manifest reverted back to the version you are used to seeing in Cultivera, no problem, just email us at and we can switch the manifest template back for you.

Also, please see this note from the latest LCB bulletin released earlier today (

"The contingency Manifest is still available for use if Manifest PDFs are not received within an hour of submittal of the Manifest.CSV"

The LCB also sent out two emails to all licensees yesterday afternoon:

Followed by:

We also submitted a ticket with the LCB, as we are receiving emails intended for other integrators for licensees not associated with Cultivera, and other integrators confirmed receiving licensees intended for Cultivera customers.

We are seeing a steady stream of successful manifest PDF emails going out this morning (EDIT: we WERE seeing a steady stream of emails until 9:15am, but its now been over an hour since the CCRS sent a single response), but there is a significant delay and we expect that delay to grow throughout the day, similar to what was seen yesterday. Make sure to check your spam folder.

We are updating (EDIT: This is live now) the manifest PDF document that is generated in Cultivera to match the new "contingency" manifest from the LCB, if you should need to use it (Per the contingency manifest instructions from the LCB, you will need to follow the directions and send it in as an email to them when utilizing this). Please note, the CCRS submission is still happening in real time even if the CCRS system is unable to email you in a timely manner. This will be done shortly today and this message will be edited to reflect.

Other common questions we have been receiving:

Q: Is the CCRS Manifest getting submitted for QA sample manifests to labs also?

A: Yes

Q: Why did I receive a manifest PDF from the LCB that is CCed to another integrator that I don't work with instead of CCed to Cultivera.

A: This is a CCRS bug and has been reported.

Q: What happened to the "Ready for Manifest" status option in fulfillment?

A: This was removed by us on 1/9/23 as it is part of an old workflow. However, we heard from several of you that you utilize this status. This status option was brought back today 1/10/23 and is an option again.

Q: Should I still send recipients the JSON link?

A: Yes, this latest update has no effect on that process.


Greetings Cultivera User,

New changes to Washington State's CCRS are scheduled to go live Monday 1/9/23 for the industry.

Official Communication from the LCB:

Cliffnotes: What does this mean for Cultivera users?

  • Licensees no longer need to utilize the LCB "Manifest Webform" for manifesting as of Monday 1/9/23.
  • Cultivera will submit this new referenced "Manifest.CSV" in real-time on your behalf when you click "Save & Manifest" in Cultivera.
  • Minor updates to some existing inventory type classifications/names (automatic).
  • You will need to enter the email address that you want the CCRS Manifest directed to in Cultivera the first time you manifest to each licensee (it will default to previous selection after first entry for each).
  • The referenced new Plant.CSV, Strain.CSV, as well as reuploading your strain list will all be handled by Cultivera.


New Manifest.CSV process
  • The existing Manifest webform is replaced by this new Manifest.CSV upload, which Cultivera automates on its users behalf. When you click "Save & Manifest" in Cultivera, the confirmation screen is updated to this entry form:
  • You will need to fill these fields out the first time you manifest to each licensee. On subsequent manifests to the same licensee, your previous entry will default here for you and allow edits.
  • When you confirm this, Cultivera will automatically report the Manfiest.CSV as well as all file dependency files to the CCRS in real time. The CCRS will send a group email to the Origin Email and the Destination Email in a similar manner that the previous "Manifest Webform" did with a manifest PDF attached. Receipt of this email from the CCRS is your confirmation that this manifest was received into the CCRS successfully. Email response times are expected to vary significantly. The LCB has not indicated this time variation, this is only based on Cultivera's current experience receiving CCRS related email responses.

New "Servings Per Unit" field that only exists on the new Manifest.CSV
  • The LCB added a new field "Servings Per Unit" which is not part of anything else in the CCRS, but is technically included as a field on the Manifest.CSV.
  • We added a new field in product details for this, with all entries initially defaulted to "1":
  • This information is not well surfaced and is displayed to Manifest.CSV recipients with no headers to be able to easily discern what any of these attributes represent:
Updates to Plant.CSV, Strain.CSV, and inventory type names/classifications
  • These are all updated accordingly. Cultivera will handle the required Strain.CSV re-upload under the new format.

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