Marketplace Availability

In the Cultivera Pro Inventory Management Module, Catalog Groups are designed to organize your inventory into logical categories that your clients can order from while using the Marketplace portal.

The more organized your inventory, the easier it will be for your customers to find what they want.

See Working With Catalog Groups for instructions on how to create the groups.

Three Conditions for Products to be Available in the Marketplace

In order for a product to appear in the Cultivera Market order portal the following three conditions must exist.

1. The Product must already be part of a Catalog Group
This is indicated by the orange square icon next to the product name. Please refer to this workflow on How to Create Catalog Groups.
2. The Product must be marked as “Available (for Portal)”
i.e. The Product must be marked as “Available for Portal” on the Manage Menu Screen. Please refer to this workflow on How to Make Products "Available for Portal".
3. The Product must have at least one unit available for sale
i.e. There must be at least one Batch with “Available" units for sale assigned to either the Product (pre-packaged) or the Conversion Source Product (package-to-order). Learn more about Batches here.

How to Make a Product "Available for Portal"

Follow these steps in the Cultivera Inventory Management Module to make your products available for sale in your Cultivera Market portal.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > Manage Menu screen
  2. Find the product(s) that you would like to make available for a Portal.
  3. Right Click on the selection, and click “Make Available (for Portal)”.
    A blue Cart Icon will then appear under the Status column for each product made available to the order portal:

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