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POS Terminal: Discounts

Discounts are assigned in the back office. How they appear at the terminal is determined by the association in the back office. This document is an overview of how discounts are applied.

Descriptions of promotions available can be found in the menu bar.

Applying Discounts to An Order

Discounts can be edited and applied manually and automatically at the terminal. 

  1. Select Promotions.

Here, Budtenders will have access to any descriptions, and amount, of active promotions.

  1. Select "More" to view the products or customers assigned to discounts.   
screenshot of cultivera pos promotions screen
  1. On the Home sales cart you'll see there are two places to edit a discount.
    1. To add a discount to the whole Cart, Select the Pencil icon beside the Check Out button to the left to
    2. To apply a discount to a single Product, Select the Pencil in the product line to apply a discount to that line item.

Adding or editing a discount module will appear when the edit pencil is selected.

Buttons will appear under the Available Discounts at the bottom left hand corner. You can scroll through the discount list if more than two discount buttons are created. You can also switch between dollar amounts ($) and percentages (%) with the blue highlighted button.

  1. Enter desired discount amount.
    To clear an applied discount, Select the X button.
  2. Select Apply Discount.
screenshot of cultivera pos terminal discount modification calculator
Discounts that are automatically assigned to a product or customer will automatically appear when products are placed in cart.
Discounts will also appear in the discount module as yellow.

To remove an automatic discount, Select the X button, then Select Apply Discount.

Loyalty rewards will appear next to points.

When a customer has enough points the Apply button will appear. Apply reward for the amount of points the customer wishes to use. 

cultivera pos apply loyalty screen

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