Sales: Completing An Order

Completing An Order in Cultivera POS

These are the final steps to complete a sales transaction:

  1. When you are done adding products to the cart and are ready to ring out the customer, Select “Checkout” at the bottom left.
  2. On the following screen, you can Accept any form of payment your location has allowed.
    1. For cash, simply enter the amount the customer has handed to you, then hit “Complete Order”.
    2. Your drawer will open to give the customer their change.
  3. The next screen shows the amount of change due, if any, as well as options to email or print a receipt.
    1. If the customer’s email is already on file it will automatically appear in the “Email Receipt” field and you can click the right arrow to send a receipt to that address.
  4. This completes the transaction.

Following completion, you’ll be taken back to the Home screen.

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