Sales: Completing an Order

Completing an Order at a Cultivera POS Terminal

These are the final steps to complete a sales transaction:

  1. When you are done adding products to the cart, Select the “Checkout” icon on the bottom left of your screen.
  2. For a cash payment, Enter the amount paid by the customer either using the keypad or by selecting a dollar amount provided in the green boxes.
    1. For any other payment types that your location accepts, Select the "$" icon in the lower left corner.
      1. Select the preferred payment method, then Select "Next".
    2. Once the payment method has been selected and the amount has been input, Select "Complete Order".
  3. Any change due back to the customer will show next to "Amount to Return(Change Given)". The customer will have the following options to receive their receipt: Email Receipt, Print Receipt, or No Receipt.
If the customer has an email address already on file, it will automatically populate into the "Email Receipt Box."
  1. Once the preferred receipt delivery method has been selected, the transaction will be complete.

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