Sales: Saving & Retrieving Transactions

Saving & Retrieving POS Transactions

If you have a transaction in progress and can not complete it at that moment, you can Save it and process it at a later time. This is common in cases involving phone or online orders, where payment has not yet been collected.

Saving a Transaction in Progress

  1. Once a customer is assigned to the cart, with the desired products added, Select "Checkout".
  1. Select the "Floppy Disc" icon near the bottom right corner.
  2. The customer's name will auto-fill into the text box. Select "Save Order".
If a customer was not initially assigned to the order, you may Enter their name at this time to save the order.
  1. Once a receipt option is Selected, the order will be Saved.

Retrieving a Saved Transaction

To retrieve a Saved Transaction:

  1. Navigate to the Home page by Selecting the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.
    1. Select "Orders".
    2. Select “Pending Orders” to see a list of all saved orders.
  2. Select "Load", to the right of the order you would like to complete.
To Delete an order from "Pending Orders", Select the red "Cancel" button next to the order.
  1. You may now complete the order as you normally would.

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