Sales: Saving & Retrieving Transactions

Saving & Retrieving POS Transactions

When conducting a sales transaction, if an order needs to be saved before it is completed, you can Save the order in the POS system, and Retrieve the order to complete the transaction when ready.

Saving A Transaction in Progress

If you have a transaction in progress and can not complete it at the moment, you can save it to bring back up at a later time. This is common in cases involving phone or online orders, where payment has not been collected yet.

You can do this in the Checkout screen.

  1. First, Select “Checkout”.
Make sure you have validated your customer’s ID, or else the checkout option will not be available.
  1. Select the "floppy disc" icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Enter a name to save it under and then hit “SAVE ORDER”.
  3. You will then be given receipt options. Choose the receipt option you want and the order will be saved.

Retrieving A Saved Transaction

To retrieve a Saved Transaction:

  1. Navigate to the Orders menu.
    1. Choose “Local Orders” to see a list of transactions.
    2. Choose “Pending Orders” to see a list of all saved orders.
  2. You may then either “Load” or “Cancel” any of the saved orders.
  3. You may now complete the order as you normally would.

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