Oklahoma Metrc F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oklahoma Metrc

Q: What do I have to do first?

A: Sign up for and complete your Metrc training. Following that, contact support@metrc.com for your login information.

Once logged in, order your tags because you'll need to have them physically in hand to complete the connection between Metrc and Cultivera Pro. After you've taken delivery of your tags and have digitally accepted them in Metrc, you'll be able to download the tag file we will use to upload your tags to Cultivera Pro. Here's a link to an article that shows how to bring them into your system: Configuration of Traceability Tags

Q: What is Metrc?

A: Metrc is a track-and-trace reporting software used by regulatory bodies to monitor cannabis inventories and sales in a given state.

Learn more in What Is Metrc? and How Does Metrc Work?

Q: How can I get assistance directly from Metrc?

A: The main way to get assistance from Metrc support is to email support@metrc.com.

Q: If I have Cultivera, do I need Metrc?

A: Yes, Metrc is the mandatory state-approved tracking software in Oklahoma. Cultivera benefits operators by keeping them Metrc-compliant from seed to sale. Cultivera synchronizes data with Metrc on an hourly basis, and any data you input is sent to Metrc immediately.

Q: Where do I sign up for Metrc training?

A: Go to metrc.com/oklahoma to register for the mandatory training as soon as possible.

Q: How do I order plant or package tags?

A: When possible, you will order all tags directly from Metrc, but this is not available yet.

You are able to go into Metrc to place your order for tags. If you are a cultivator, please make sure that you order both plant and package tags.

See the instructions here: Ordering Plant/Package Tags

Q: Do I have to put a plant tag on every clone or seedling?

A: All plants must be tagged with individual RFID tags upon reaching the vegetative state, as defined by OMMA guidelines.

Multiple clones or seedlings can be tracked under one tag ID until they are transplanted.

Q: How much are plant tags or traceability tags/stickers?

A: Tags must be ordered from, and paid to, Metrc directly.

Metrc charges $0.45 for each plant tag. Tags are laminated and come with a plastic strap that can be used to attach to the plant. They can also be staked in a grow medium if the plants are too small to support the tags.

For Traceability package tags, Metrc charges $0.25 each. These tags come as two-part stickers, with an adhesive backing that will be attached to any harvest batches, production runs, or packages of finished goods.

You should also be prepared to pay shipping fees, which may vary.

Learn more about ordering plant and package tags in Ordering & Receiving Tags.

Q: What information is contained on the Metrc tags?

A: There is a UID (Unique Identifier) in text and barcode form, your facility name, facility license number, application identifier (medical or recreational), and order dates for the tag.

Metrc tags do not contain strain, plant date, or product descriptions, because those are assigned after the tags have been received. However, in the case of plant tags, you can affix a Cultivera sticker that contains strain and plant date to the back of the Metrc tag for easy reference.

Q: What are the dimensions of Metrc plant tags?

A: They are 1" wide by 4" long, which make them compatible with the existing default plant tag stickers that are generated by Cultivera. (see above)

Q: Will I have to create all my Products in Metrc, as was mentioned in the training class?

A: If you are already an existing Cultivera customer, we will assist in migrating your existing inventory so you will not need to manually create products in Metrc. Once you receive your shipment of tags, contact our Support team to schedule your "Metrc Go-Live" where we'll assist in synchronizing your Cultivera products and inventory with Metrc.

Q: If I have to use Metrc, why should I still use Cultivera?

A: Cultivera makes Metrc track-and-trace compliance easier.

Because ultimately, Metrc is not a business management system, and does not go beyond the “who, what, when, where, and why” dimensions of traceability. In the end, Metrc is a platform built to serve cannabis regulators and state agencies, while Cultivera is built to serve licensed cannabis operators, like you.

For cannabis business operators looking to use their data for traceability purposes and beyond, they have to look beyond Metrc. This is why Cultivera’s seamless integrations have so much to offer cannabis operations. Our vertical platform simplifies cannabis compliance by filling in those gaps.

illustrated flowchart of integrations between cultivera pro and regulatory agency tracability systems

Learn more about what Metrc doesn't do, how Cultivera helps companies succeed, and more, on the Cultivera Blog or by attending one of our Metrc Town Hall meetings.

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