QA Samples: How to Cancel/Delete Manifests for QA Sample

How to Cancel and/or Delete Manifests for QA Samples

If you've made an entry error (ie: wrong testing lab) in the creation of your QA Sample Manifest, it is possible to cancel and/or delete it. Follow these steps to either cancel or delete QA Sample Manifests in Cultivera Pro.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > QA Sample.
  1. Click the “Manifest” tab at the top right of the screen to see a list of pending and completed manifests.
  1. Locate the manifest you intend on canceling and/or deleting and click the “Cancel” button.
Note: use the filters near the top of the screen to help locate the manifest.
  1. Once the manifest has been canceled you have the option to:
  • Re-generate the manifest by clicking the “Manifest” button, or to...
  • Delete the manifest by clicking the “Delete” button.

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